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  • A number of on and off-licence premises are being referred to the Liquor Licensing Authority, following two controlled purchase operations (CPOs) around the district on Friday night. The CPOs coincided with Operation Unite, a 12 hour trans-Tasman operation to reduce alcohol harm, which ran from 6pm Friday night until 6am Saturday morning. In Lower Hutt, a total of 29 premises were visited on Friday night, with five premises selling to underage volunteers.
    Article - 2010-09-13 16:03
  • Seasonally adjusted core retail sales (which exclude the four vehicle-related industries) were flat in July 2010, down just 0.1 percent ($3 million), Statistics New Zealand said today. This follows a 1.5 percent increase in June 2010. “Sales in all five food-related industries increased, with supermarket and grocery stores recording their largest rise since March 2007,” business statistics manager Louise Holmes-Oliver said. These increases in the food-related industries were offset by decreases in most of the other core industries. The main movements in core retail were:
    Article - 2010-09-14 12:16
  • The seasonally adjusted number of new housing units authorised, excluding apartments, fell 8.9 percent in August 2010, to the lowest number for more than a year. This follows a fall of 6.0 percent the month before, Statistics New Zealand said today. "Looking at the longer-term trend, the number of new homes consented, excluding apartments, has been falling since March this year," business statistics manager Louise Holmes-Oliver said. "This follows increases that began in April 2009, after the recent economic downturn."
    Article - 2010-09-30 11:17
  • The combined value of foreign investment in New Zealand from Japan and the United States was $9.4 billion lower at 31 March 2010 than a year earlier, Statistics New Zealand said today.
    Article - 2010-09-30 11:17
  •   When adjusted for seasonal effects, the value of electronic card spending in the core retail, retail, and total series all increased in September 2010, Statistics New Zealand said today. These increases were due to the value of transactions rising in all retail industries, particularly durables. "It is very likely that at least some of the increase in the retail industries reflects spending to beat the GST rise," business statistics manager Louise Holmes-Oliver said.
    Article - 2010-10-11 14:05
  • Goodman (NZ) Limited, the Manager of Goodman Property Trust (“GMT” or “Trust”), is pleased to announce further development progress at Glassworks Industry Park in Christchurch.
    Article - 2010-10-11 15:01
  • These past few weeks have been incredible. I have heard of some of the most appalling recruitment methods, ever. Not a lot surprises me anymore but these were real eye openers.  You see I work with a unique product called Humans. My product speaks back to me, makes snap decisions and is unpredictable at the best of times. When an employer and its team responsible for the recruitment drive get together there are going to be all sorts of emotions flying around. 
    Article - 2010-08-04 15:05
  • Janet Xuccoa does nothing by halves. The Gilligan Rowe and Associates (GRA) partner has not one but two degrees, has created and successfully administers the Trust Planning department for GRA and has recently written, published and released her first book. When asked why two degress – when most of us had enough trouble getting one – she looks somewhat bemused.
    Article - 2010-08-10 12:37
  • appoints new Wellington manager
    Article - 2010-08-12 11:39
  • appoints new Wellington manager
    Article - 2010-08-12 11:39