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  • Winning hosting rights for the Rugby World Cup in 2011 indicates the New Zealand Rugby Football Union (NZRFU) and the government did its homework.Gerard Martin, manager of communications and business development for North Shore’s economic development agency, Enterprise North Shore, says “the bid covered all the bases, from broadcasting quality to player and fan safety and enjoyment.
    Article - 2007-10-18 10:34
  • The first building at the Road and Traffic Education Centre is expected to be ready for driver trainees aged 14-plus with parental involvement by March, says manager, Wayne Price.The building comprises one 24-seat lecture room, another 10-seat lecture room, two offices and a reception area with a large meet and greet space which will be gradually turned into a complete complex of workshops, garages and further lecture rooms.
    Article - 2007-10-18 10:34
  • A new police hub is being built in Manukau City.The building will be situated on the corner of Barrowclough Place and Wiri Station Road.Counties Manukau police communications manager Angeline Barlow says planning for the new building has been underway for months.“We’re very excited at the prospect of a new facility. It’s well situated to work in conjunction with the Manukau court house located across the road,” says Barlow.
    Article - 2007-10-18 10:34
  • Consider how difficult the early years of your own business would have been without a friendly bank manager. In New Zealand we take access to affordable and scaleable finance entirely for granted, but the business ideas of many people in developing countries are defeated by the usurious rates charged by local moneylenders. In Cambodia, loan sharks charge as high as 30 per cent interest per month.
    Article - 2007-10-18 10:34
  • Remuera businesses are taking part in a pilot that is the first of its kind in an Auckland town centre. Remuera Grow is a business development initiative for the town centre, launched last month, aiming to strengthen businesses to withstand competition from large retail parks and other developments that will continue to spring up, says Robyn Simon, manager of the Remuera Business Association that is facilitating the pilot.
    Article - 2007-10-18 10:34
  • You’ve probably had older managers and younger ones, males and females, perhaps even managers from different industries. But what was the difference between the great ones and the terrible ones? What was it about the great manager that made it so good to work for them? What was their attitude toward you? How did they communicate with you? What were their expectations for your performance? And how about your worst ever managers?
    Article - 2007-10-18 10:35
  • Brokers’ Independent Group appointment Newly founded umbrella insurance industry group, Brokers’ Independent Group (BIG) has appointed John Trapp to the role of Southern Development and Relationships Manager. John has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry. His previous senior management roles include South Island Manager and South Island Broker Manager at Prudential and Initial Broker manager for National Mutual (now AXA).
    Article - 2009-06-16 10:09
  • 2009 Excellence in Business Awards Finalist : Service Delivery                  ACC Workplace Safety Retired and elderly people enjoy an easy, secure and comfortable lifestyle at Vision Dannemora. With a focus on hospitality rather than health care, this style of retirement living strives to create friendships and companionship for the 210 residents.
    Article - 2009-08-12 17:08
  • Whether you are the employer or the worker, keeping stress at work down really pays dividends for all concerned. The first place to start in avoiding stress at work, for both employer and employee, is at recruitment. 
    Article - 2010-05-13 16:48
  • “There is a growing body of evidence that alcohol is associated with an increased risk of a number ofcancers. The Government’s alcohol law reform package announced today by Justice Minister, the Hon Simon Power, will unfortunately not greatly impact upon this statistic, but it is a start,” said Health Promotion Manager for the Cancer Society, Jan Pearson, “With a focus on controlling youth drinking it does not address the strategies that really work.” 
    Article - 2010-08-23 19:00