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  • “As a small business owner I know how tough life can be for the small and medium-sized businesses, which make up 90 percent of all New Zealand's businesses,” ACT Party small business spokesperson, Kenneth Wang, said in his maiden speech to Parliament last month. He became the Party’s ninth MP for 145,000 ACT voters. “For many years I often sacrificed my own wages to pay my staff. “For many years I worked late into the night doing the paperwork only to satisfy the bureaucrats.
    Article - 2007-10-18 10:34
  • Kumara snack chips available for first time in NZ supermarkets nationwide A healthy and nutritious alternative to mainstream snack chips has arrived on supermarket shelves across New Zealand in the form of Kumara Chips. Lower in fat and calories than common potato chip brands, Kumara Chips from Kenny's are rich in beta carotene, high in dietary fibre, and a high source of Vitamin C, iron, calcium and fibre. The new chips are the only snack chips made from kumara on sale in New Zealand supermarkets nationwide.
    Article - 2012-03-21 13:00