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  • You love it. You hate it. You write off your first half hour in the office wading through it. It’s the last thing you check before you leave. It’s your preferred method of communication yet the volume is driving you crazy let alone sifting through which ones you want. But it’s not just you.
    Article - 2007-11-06 13:21
  • I was phoning a variety of cruise line sales managers to learn more about the cruise end of the travel industry. Wanting to add a good story to my keynote, my closing question was “Do you know anyone with a good marketing story to tell?” Just about everyone told me: “If you want a good story, call Bob and Beth of Travelworld in Brisbane.” So I called Bob and here is their story.
    Article - 2008-01-18 13:14
  • PART ONE There is a huge amount of attention given to work life balance lately. I’m asked to speak on it all the time. What takes audiences by surprise is my comment that ‘balance is bull. A pure fallacy.’  The sad fact is there is no such thing as balance and there is no such thing as making more time. Time is not only finite, you don’t even know how full or empty your bank account (of time) is.
    Article - 2008-02-08 11:12
  • PART TWO FOCUS This ranking is exceedingly important for your business income producing activities. I always say that it takes the same amount of energy to market and develop a $500 client as a $5000 client. So why would you waste your time going for the wrong category of clients?
    Article - 2008-03-07 10:29
  • Having to wade through every single email that comes through your inbox door is time consuming, stressful and unproductive. And time is money.  Want to learn the best email tip ever? Read on. You can’t stop what comes into your inbox beyond what your IT or ISP filters out as spam or inappropriate. However you can easily start to manage your emails with a one – two punch. Folders and Rules.
    Article - 2008-04-03 13:38
  • Over the past year I’ve been to the Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pink’s concerts. But comparing them to Justin Timberlake’s concert proved to me they weren’t of the same calibre. They lacked a comparable level of richness of sound and spectacle; professionalism and precision. Now I know what you’re thinking. Did this 40 plus year old woman turn into a groupie? Is she one of those baby boomer women wanting to stay young? Well yes to the latter, however the interest was purely professional I assure you.
    Article - 2008-06-06 15:02
  • I’ve been a part of many sales teams in my career, and over and over I’ve noticed five common afflictions that affect them, each of which reduces morale and sales performance. They can be found to some degree in most almost every organization. Smart management teams are aware of these afflictions and work to avoid their potentially destructive impact.
    Article - 2011-10-20 14:01