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Petrol under $2 a litre at Gull "Drive Thru" Sites

Further price decreases today saw Gull’s six unmanned outlets decrease Regular Grade petrol to $1.999 per litre.

The outlets all operate as unattended fuel stations accepting PIN activated debit and credit cards only. They are:

Te Rakau Drive Botany Downs, Auckland
Norton Road Hamilton
Melville Ohaupo Road, Hamilton
Merivale Fraser Street, Tauranga
Rifle Range Road Taupo
Fitzherbert Ave Palmerston North

Gull opened two of these outlets this year and has plans for a further three by year end.

“This low cost offering enables us to deliver significant savings to motorists who do not want to use a convenience store,” says Dave Bodger Gull General Manager. “Most motorists still do want the traditional service station set up and Gull will continue to offer that; but for those in hurry or looking for exceptional fuel value these self serve outlets are ideal.”

Prices at other Gull controlled outlets have also fallen for the fourth time in a month:

Gull Regular Plus (91 Octane) $2.039
Gull Regular (91 Octane) $2.049
Gull Force 10 (98 Octane) $2.179
Gull Diesel Max (5% biodiesel blend) $1.449
Gull Low Sulphur Diesel $1.459