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Oxygen IT secures more Kiwi IT resellers

Christchurch-based Oxygen IT has inked deals with more than 30 IT Resellers around New Zealand that will see them running some of their clients through its own Data Centre Cloud solutions.

“Since establishing our subsidiary business (, Oxygen IT is becoming a major provider of Cloud solutions for our own customers as well as our Resellers that cannot afford to enter this space directly or just do not have the staff and experience to meet this demand,” says Oxygen IT managing director Stace Hema.

As a company that works closely with SMB clients, Oxygen IT is now presenting them with an option of hosting with Oxygen IT versus replacing or selling them a server.

“Eighty percent are now choosing the hosted option. When it’s weighed up, business owners or CIOs are selecting this option because it gives them comfort in being able to forecast accurate IT budgets,” Mr Hema says.

He added that over the last two years, he has been approached a number of times about selling Oxygen IT. “Although times are tough due to our clients’ feeling the recession – we here are having way too much fun.”

The following hosted services or "add-on services" are being sought by clients:

Mail Marshal SPE (Service Provider Edition)
Oxygen IT is a partner to Marshal86 and now offers mail filtering software for Resellers to brand and resell to their customers. Marshal86 have confirmed we are the first in the South Island to rollout the SPE version of Mail Marshal.

Citrix CSP provisions and support (Citrix Service Provider)
Oxygen IT is a partner to Citrix and currently supports close to 250 accounts on our hosted network. We now resell this service to our Resellers and expect this to be the fastest growing trend as the new CSP pricing is finally affordable to the end user.

Online Backups
Oxygen IT implements its own DSL connection (through selected Telco providers) to the end user, linking back to Oxygen IT’s Data Centre. This is crucial as data traffic can now be sent back to us for free, allowing Online backups to be sold to end users with significant margins for Resellers. All the end user pays for is their DSL connection fee and the Online Backup service.

Zimbra Email Collaboration suite

As Open Source and the ability to do business remotely from anywhere in the World grows, our partners are looking to use Zimbra for their clients as a Microsoft Exchange replacement. Having worked with the University of Canterbury and having competed for the Tait Electronics contract we recognise that although Zimbra is a new product in the NZ market, it is certainly going places. This is truly a far superior stand-alone product to MS Exchange.

Hosted Basic Website and Email accounts
Over the last three years, we have been building up our portfolio of clients hosting their business websites and backup email accounts with us. We now have a Reseller rate card and we expect it to be a growing demand for us.