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O 2012, 2012! Wherefore art thou 2012?

Bet you didn’t think William Shakespeare (1564-1616) could help you out in 2012, didja? Well, he can, if you pay careful attention here. Ta. In Act II. Scene II of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Juliet cries out in anguish… ‘O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?’

Mere mortals often confuse this call as, she asking him, where the heck he is? The discerning achievers correctly interpret her message thus… ‘Romeo, quite frankly, where are you really at? So, my question to you is similar. Where are you really at, right now?

Those same mere mortals believe that those nice Mayan folks predicted that the world will end on December 21 2012. But, the discerning achievers know that, it is an approximate date, signalling the end of one era, and the beginning of another. Very yawny news really!

Besides, I will be doing last-minute Christmas shopping on that day, because I am a last-minute shopper. This is mainly because, like most of us, I never do early Christmas shopping. Here is my first challenge to me and you: What is your personal theme for 2012?

Mine is… I CAN UNTIL I CAN’T! This has been my mantra, since I was a small boy. It works! I will use it, to spearhead my next era, which I have called ‘The Terrific Triennium (2012-2014)’. My second challenge to you is: When will your next personal era, begin and end? Or do you drift?

My third challenge to us, is a little more involved. It is this: What exactly is my life like, now? Is my current ‘space’ good, OK or bad? Regardless of your choice, in a fast-moving, techno-rampant world, you have to make changes. But will you? The discerning achievers will. They always do.

I use the term ‘discerning’, because being ‘intelligent’ is different from being ‘clever’. We all know some very bright and intelligent ‘idiots’, n’cest pas? I cover this ‘don’t wanna change’ phenomenon in the next issue of my weekly newsletter, ‘Billboard’. Discerning achievers worldwide, read it.

Business, is a down-to-earth, no bullswool experience, between serious practitioners of organised, innovative and fun enterprises that will provide timely, useful and effective products and services to the masses (anywhere), while earning fair and equitable rewards for all involved. Yeah right! While violins played in the distance, a piglet flew by my office window. Many of us, foolish enough to keep up with the news, are gently wallowing in a no-change, no-try, no-luck, no-hope, no-future quagmire, because the media only make money, by waving the worst at us.

Challenge four is easy: What are you deliberately doing to improve yourself, your capabilities and your performance right now? Hello? You are either a ‘nowist’ or a ‘laterist’. If you don’t decide, the world will decide for you! The fifth challenge is a triple-header, to make things interesting, like: Which organisation that you belong to now, will you leave? Which new organisation will you join? Which organisation will you create (‘live’ or online) to help you achieve betterer. Many organisations are tired, irrelevant or, too demanding for the returns we can receive. You decide. Now is good!
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Bill Potter, The Business Maverick with THE DU IT GROUP ( He is a FriendCoach*, blogger, author and speaker.