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New medical distributor for the healthcare sector

A new medical consumable distributor has launched into a sector of the healthcare market which traditionally has had a limited number of players. PHL Medical is the medical division of Packaging House, which has formed the new operation in response to customer demand.

PHL Medical will provide a medical range focused on high-volume consumables including tissue, hygiene, continence, woundcare, syringes and needles, IV therapy and fluids, instruments and urology.

“With healthcare costs escalating daily, our customers have been asking us to carry a range of medical consumables,” PHL Medical National Manager John McConnell said. “We also aim to bring some competition to a part of the market which previously has seen very little.”

Mr McConnell said the new company will initially focus on the primary care market and expand its services over time. “We anticipate that our launch will be welcomed by primary care providers, not only because PHL Medical will draw on the strong warehousing, distribution and branch network that has been well established by Packaging House, but also because, with our partner GSB Supplycorp, we are able to supply the highest-quality products available in the market at extremely competitive rates.”

PHL Medical starts its operations with a major win worth millions of dollars in sales revenue: it has secured the medical contract with GSB Supplycorp, New Zealand’s largest specialist purchasing organisation and a procurement supplier to many New Zealand businesses, including Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety in New Zealand.

“After an extensive tender process, PHL Medical were successful in securing the contract because they offer the best product range, the most competitive pricing, and the service excellence that is demanded by our healthcare clients,” GSB Supplycorp CEO Peter Royle said.

“They are an exciting proposition for us. Although they are relatively new to medical products, PHL Medical has the backing of some fantastic medical brands, more than 20 years’ experience in the healthcare sector with tissue and hygiene products, and they have the financial backing of Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety. But most of all, they have a great team of people committed to excellence in logistics and supply. And the new medical team gives them the clinical expertise to support the brands they are now supplying.”

“Packaging House is one of the very few businesses that has grown through the economic downturn, because we were able to rationalize suppliers and reduce the cost of consumables, thereby reducing costs to customers and picking up a lot of new business. We will be able to offer these same benefits to users of consumables in the healthcare sector, so we offer a very attractive proposition,” Mr McConnell added.

To head PHL Medical’s initial team of 11 account managers and two clinical educators, Packaging House has appointed Kim Bell as Medical Manager.

PHL Medical will work through 10 established and long-standing Packaging House branches around New Zealand.