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Japan’s IT gadgets come to NZ via Iconz’s Tech Express

JAPANESE IT gadgets are likely to be available through Auckland ISP Iconz’s new e-commerce site this month.

Company spokesperson Matthew Sollis says two representatives went to the Ceatec (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) conference last month to view the world’s latest hi-tech wares of 193 exhibitors at 2522 booths.

They found 12 to 18 products and services they would like in New Zealand.
Pre-conference registrations numbered more than 190,000 from 667 companies – the biggest technology show in the world.

Robots are a regular feature of the show, for style rather than substance at exhibits.

Trends soon to hit New Zealand are cellphone developments, cars with computerized controls and satellite television, says Sollis.

For example, every kid in Japan had a cellphone with a camera in it last year, and now they are starting to turn up in New Zealand.

More recently in Japan are cellphones with television relayed on them and phones that can be remote controls for home appliances. These would not work in New Zealand because our infrastructure is 10 years behind, eg, in readily accessible broadband speed, says Sollis.

Japan can develop such infrastructure because the population is dense and the people are early adopters of technology. Motor vehicle technology includes GPS mapping and computerized instruments now installed in the average family car or available on the shelf as extras.

For example, dashboard information is beamed transparently on to the side of the windscreen. Terrestrial digital broadcasting (or, satellite television) will provide cheaper and wider access to pay international channels than now.

Flat screen televisions that save space, broadcast clear pictures and 3D images are commonplace in Japan – they are expensive in New Zealand but will dominate the market soon.

Iconz’s core business is as an ISP but the new products will be available through its Tech Express virtual store.