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It's time to service your gas appliance

Owners of household gas appliances should get them serviced before winter.

That's the message from Gas New Zealand, which says an annual service will keep gas appliances operating efficiently and safely.

“The beauty of gas is that it’s energy efficient, cleaner burning, cheaper than electricity in many cases, and it provides powerful heat and endless hot water,” says Gas New Zealand spokesperson, Ray Ferner.

"However, just like getting a WOF on your vehicle, it does pay to have gas appliances serviced once a year to ensure they continue to provide reliable and effective service.

"Preventative maintenance is definitely better - and cheaper - than cure," Mr Ferner said.

Gas is becoming an increasingly popular energy source in New Zealand and the industry estimates that about half of all New Zealand households now have a gas appliance.

“Gas is very much a lifestyle choice,” Mr Ferner said.

“It adds a touch of affordable luxury to a home, which is one of the reasons most new houses are now built with gas.”

Mr Ferner said all gas appliances sold in New Zealand have to meet very rigorous international safety standards and only suitably qualified gasfitters can install and service them.

Appliance owners should visit the website of the appliance manufacturer or see the yellow pages under ‘gas installers’.

The LPG Association will also be running a nationwide LPG cabinet heater servicing campaign to encourage owners to have their appliances serviced.