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Business sends congratulations: An opportunity for decisive action on the economy

The clear-cut election result creates an opportunity for the Government to move quickly to action New Zealand’s big economic challenges, Michael Barnett chief executive of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce said today.

Congratulating National leader John Key for achieving a decisive mandate for taking New Zealand forward, Michael Barnett said the business community is looking for the new government to move quickly to begin delivering its post-election action plan.

Topping the list has to be focused action on the economy:

  • Getting the budget back in surplus by 2014/15;
  • Getting the shared ownership of asset programme underway with urgency and speed;
  • Initiating real and measurable welfare reform;
  • Progressing the Christchurch rebuild;

A reinvigorated approach with a new sense of urgency to expanding our export-led economy is absolutely critical, said Mr Barnett. “The uncertain global situation in Europe and the new opportunities available in the emerging global economies in Asia require New Zealand to move with urgency and speed.”

“There isn’t going to be much time for the Government to bask in the glory of its victory. The business community has signaled it wants a no-nonsense government that gets back on the job of governing without the distraction of inter-party squabbles and personality politics,” concluded Mr Barnett.