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Anguillid Consulting Engineers & Scientists Ltd

2009 Westpac Enterprise North Shore Business Excellence Awards
Finalist: Benefitz Best New Startup Business

Founded on the North Shore in 2008 and drawing on more than 15 years of experience, Anguillid provides environmental management strategies primarily to infrastructure owners and providers such as the North Shore City Council and the Auckland Regional Transport Authority.

Anguillid’s strength, business focus, and mission? Environmental management strategies that are infinitely possible.

Why Anguillid? The New Zealand short and long finned eels (or tuna) belong to the Anguillid family. Our native eels are well known for being adaptable and flexible. They can climb hurdles insurmountable to other fish (such as waterfalls) and transition across boundary effects (water / land, freshwater / saltwater). The eels travel vast distances in their lifetime; migrating to Tonga to breed.  “We like their spirit and decided to name our company after these tenacious creatures” says Managing Director and founder Carron Blom.

“Anguillid is all about sustainability; yours, ours, the environment, and that of our community” she adds. “The integration of the natural and built environment requires a good understanding of the practical reality and limitations of both the engineering and the environment itself. We believe that sustainable development is possible and outstanding results for both environments can be achieved”.

Whilst engineering has reportedly extended human longevity more than any other field, engineering without reference to its community, underlying purpose or context can be ‘imposing’ or at worst deleterious. “That is why Anguillid has been established around sustainability it its broadest sense, and why we have purposefully looked for ways in which our skills might augment those of others who also aim to benefit New Zealand over the longer term” Carron notes.

Although only just emerging from their first year, Anguillid has already made contributions to the Motutapu Island Restoration Trust, supported a North Shore Parks initiative, and provided pro bono services to the Auckland City Mission and the Mangere Bridge Scout Group. “We have targeted areas that will help us all to evolve and which have a long term focus beyond the immediate initiative; we may be small fry, but we know anything is infinitely possible...”.