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Acclaim Group Limited

2009 Westpac Enterprise North Shore Business Excellence Awards
Finalist: 3M Excellence in Innovation Award
               Massey University Excellence in Technology

Fitting the intricacies of your business to someone else’s accounting software is somewhat like forcing a triangle through a square: frustrating, time-consuming, and ultimately futile.  Introducing Acclaim Group Limited, the IT folks who take your problem, identify your specific issue and solve it.  It’s all about Optimising Your Business, and that’s exactly what they do.

Acclaim Group Limited originated in 1992 as Acclaim Datasystems, specialising in sales and support of new and existing computer systems, primarily in networked environments.  Acclaim quickly developed a reputation as a service-orientated company with a good knowledge of both technical needs and an understanding of how IT can become an integral part of the overall business. 

Realising that the brand name no longer fully reflected the service offered, in 1995 Acclaim Datasystems became Acclaim Group Limited and switched from a primarily hardware and network vendor, to a business solutions provider.  The continuation of a complete computer solution for Acclaim’s clients remained, but the focus shifted towards developing completely integrated business solutions, allowing Acclaim to “deliver cost effective, reliable and individually focused business solutions that perfectly match our clients’ needs” explains Nial Greenstock, General Manager of Acclaim Group Ltd “in short, we will Optimise Your Business”.

Acclaims involvement with clients has included not only sound IT and accounting software advice, but also software development and innovative solutions and ideas to suit our clients’ needs.  In many cases, the combination of our client’s ideas and aspirations together with our innovation and unique experience have led to our customers developing whole new businesses, or rapidly expanding into new fields.

Acclaim Group is in the business of making business easy.  “We fully acknowledge that the technology field is complex and ever changing.  As such, no-one person will ever have all of the answers” explains Mr. Greenstock. “The only way that we are able to consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients is by working collectively as a team and leveraging individual and shared talents to achieve a common goal” he says.

Through the process of collective responsibility, Acclaim’s project team leader is able to draw on the various skills required from other team members and deliver a collective and cohesive approach to the client to ensure each business is efficiently and effectively ‘optimised’.

Meeting and exceeding client’s expectations is integral to Acclaim Group’s success.  “We will fully explore all aspects of the design, development, implementation, documentation and support process and professionally present this to the client.  This way, we’re all aware of what we can achieve, which provides an exciting snap-shot of how a client can ‘Optimise their Business’. 

Acclaim Group Limited is proud to enter the Westpac Enterprise North Shore Business Excellence Awards in 2009 and showcase their ability to Optimise Your Business